Entrele is a contraction for entrepreneurial learning.

We curate articles, write quick-read summaries, and link out to the original content.

  • First, we assume that amidst the click bait, superficial articles, reposts of reposts, and articles that drone on forever about next to nothing, there are actually some that are absolutely wonderful. They are not always easy to find – so we find them for you.
  • Second, when you find a good candidate, it often takes a lot of reading (viewing or listening) time to determine if it is a gem. Busy entrepreneurs don’t have time to read non-value-added articles – so we summarize them  for you.
  • Third, wouldn’t it be nice to just scan a feed every so often to see what is new and valuable in the world of entrepreneurship? We thought so, too.
  • Last, wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to look up some topic and come up to speed quickly by scanning and reading the best articles? We agree, so we categorized and tagged each post.


Entrele is a project by Steve Franks.

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