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100 Landing Page Examples

This articles dissects 100 good landing pages.  For each, you’ll see the example, read what the author liked, and read what the author thought could possibly be different.

Projecting or Comparing Your Churn Rate

A good article for determining a reasonable churn rate for your SAAS venture.  It shows some statistics (benchmarks) for different markets.

Focusing Adwords To Be More Effective

Juan Martitegui of MindValley Hispano wrote this excellent article for the 500 Startups Blog.  He describes several simple and practical techniques to cut through the complexity of Adwords and zero in on getting the biggest bang for your Adwords dollars.

Alternatives to Cold Calling

A simple, quick read from Hubspot that outlines some common alternative lead generation techniques to replace cold calling (which has horrible conversion in the first place).  You may have considered at least some of these already, but the post is a good checklist.

Creating a Compelling Sales Deck

Andy Raskin dissects what he considers to be an awesome sales presentation deck.  He outlines 5 essential elements of a good deck and explains each by walking you his favorite deck.  You’ll like how he walks through how that process creates a compelling story.

The Right First Customer

Getting the right first customer can be like getting a “smart money” investor – they can help your venture in other ways than merely paying money.

Inbound versus Outbound Marketing

The classic infographic that highlights the difference between outbound old-school marketing and inbound new-school marketing.  Show this to your old school stuck-in-the-past marketing manager.

Vitamin or Painkiller?

Is your product just “nice to have” ( like a vitamin) or is it a “got to have it” (like a painkiller)?  Or is it a vitamin that could transform into a painkiller if some event happens?  Big winners kill pain.

Viral Social Engagement

Ryan Hoover from Product Hunt explains the mechanics of how’s engagement structurally encouraged rapid growth.

Fundraising Strategy

This advice from Mark Suster may be targeted to ventures raising equity funding from VCs, but much of it applies to planning any fundraising campaign.

Fill-In-The-Blank Pitch Template

A 15-slide fill-in-the-blank version of a pitch deck.  OK, you still have to do a bit of work on your own, but the organization is concise and simple.  For first timer pitch makers, this is a good starter structure.

The Math of Consumer Apps

Are you planning on getting rich from the consumer app you are making?  Better run some numbers (number of users you need to attract, paid conversion rate, etc.) because the magnitude of your task may surprise you.

Peter Thiel’s Startup Course

When Peter Thiel taught his CS183 Startup course at Stanford, Blake Masters took notes and published them.  Pretend you are in the course, read the notes, go grow your startup a bit, and then go read Zero to One for more Thiel goodness.