How to Communicate Traction

Because it is an objective measure of your momentum, traction rules.  Here’s how to communicate it properly in your pitch.

Sourcing Prospective Investors

Instead of asking friends if they know “any investors”, use Angel List and other sources to create a target list.

Investor Turn-offs

Here are some of the things founders can say or do that will immediately brand them as amateurs or sub-par performers in the eyes of prospective investors.

Funding Preparation Checklist

A checklist of what to have ready when you are raising money.  Works best for a venture capital raise, but is applicable to an angel round as well.

Raising the Right Amount of Money

Too little and you don’t accomplish what you want.  Too much and you probably have some expensive money left over once your venture is worth a lot more.  Just right?  Fred Wilson simplifies the thinking process that leads you to the right amount.

The Process of Seeking Investment Capital

This Mark Suster article overviews the top level process or path a venture will face as it seeks equity investment.  It focuses on raising venture capital, but the basic advice works equally well for angel investment.

Generate Leads by Engaging Bloggers

The author describes a systematic process he used (and that you can replicate) to engage bloggers in order to generate leads for his startup.